COVID-19 Memorabilia: Inspire the Next Generation!

Why should you write today if the future looks uncertain? Our world is facing a pandemic today, and this pandemic knows no borders. It spreads rapidly and exempts no one. People were forced to stay at home and maintain distance when outside. What was once the busiest and most fun places became abandoned? Paris is no longer filled with couples, and New York is sleeping. COVID-19 shifted our life 360-degrees, and we find ourselves confined to our homes. With nothing much to do, you may ask, is writing necessary? Yes. Writing can help us reflect on what is happening to our world today and will allow us to create new ideas.

Talking to someone face to face may not be possible, but writing it down offers you a lot of benefits too. Writing helps reduce stress, allows you to meditate, enhances your self-awareness, makes your mind sharp. The wonders of writing down fill you with creativity, improve your immune function, boost your mood, strengthen your emotional position, boost your sense of gratitude, and leave a written record of your experiences. There’s a lot of things to gain, isn’t it? You’ve got nothing to lose!

Our life today will now be part of the history that future generations will look at and study. Today is not an ordinary day, and recording it in the form of a diary will serve as artifacts and shreds of evidence. Your writings will be useful for future historians and teachers in narrating a significant event. You have the power to shape the future.

The My COVID-19 Crisis Journey is more than a book where you can read and highlight words; it’s also a diary that will help you preserve your memories. Even the future generation can read your tales. As we continue to search for the vaccine, many people are now recording their COVID-19 journey.

The diaries may speak in words, pictures, or any form you choose. Use this time to become history. You might be the next Anne Frank.

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