The COVID-19 One-Stop-Shop Book for You!

Looking for a book which can do you all good? My COVID-19 Crisis Journey is your first ever one-stop-book that will cater to all your needs during this time, and it is now available! Get your COVID-19 facts and reminders, have fun, and entertain yourself with activities for self-improvement. You can even choose which type you want according to your lifestyle! Are you spiritual? Get the Spiritual Edition. It includes a prayer tracker to help you keep your faith in check. Or are you a woman? Women have a lot of things going on. Get our Women’s Edition that even has a period tracker! Do you want something simple? Then the Standard Edition is for you! It’s not only limited to adults. Children have their needs too. You can get the Children’s Edition and color your life with plans and power!

Each book contains relevant information, goals and aspirations, productivity, mental and physical health prompts, and a life to look forward to after this pandemic. Besides that and the trackers, we have a guide for your physical activities, recipes, and finances. Let the future generation know how you deal with this pandemic by treating it as your diary.

Care is what this book stands for, and you can do an act of caring! If you purchase this book, you are not just doing yourself a favor, but you are also helping the world. The money you use to buy this book would be donated to purchase personal protection equipment (PPE) for our frontliners and help children deal with the new Online Distance Learning (ODL).

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy now, and have fun even when you’re at home!

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