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Your Coping Buddy in Challenging Times - The Quarantine Projects

Your Coping Buddy in Challenging Times


The declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) changed our world overnight. Countries closed their borders and implemented strict health guidelines to contain the spread of the deadly virus. Some of these changes include the pronouncement of a nationwide health emergency and forcing everyone to stay home. Physical Distancing became the best tool to avoid exposure to the virus; thus, it was enforced at all times. Physical Distancing, also known as Social Distancing, means keeping space between yourself and other people at least 6 feet apart. It includes banning social gatherings and avoiding crowded places. 

Meeting our friends and even our loved ones is not encouraged. Being away from the crowd limits the infection, but this brought us a feeling of isolation and loneliness. Some are now struggling to keep themselves entertained or are currently feeling blue. But My COVID-19 Crisis Journey is here to help you cope during this uncertain time.

How you view this pandemic is based on what you hear and see, but how you cope is another way to live happily. We created this diary to check on you and bring positivity to a brighter future that only you can make. Never lose hope! In this book, you are guided by COVID facts, motivation to keep pushing forward, and even activities to keep you busy, creative and entertained. There are even real-time reminders to help you take care of yourself. You can count on us! We are your friend, and we are here to help you.

Our ‘Why’ is rooted in helping, lifting, and encouraging one another. We know that times like these are not easy, but this, too, like any other event, will soon pass. This book will guide you to make your self-isolation dedicated to knowing yourself, making yourself better, less stressed, and making quarantine a memorable event. It’s a book that cares for you and the world.

Speaking of caring, purchasing this book means you care to lend a hand to our fellow healthcare workers and our youthful children. The money you use to buy this book would be donated to purchase personal protection equipment (PPE) and help children deal with the new Online Distance Learning (ODL). You can start caring, start loving, even in this simple way that could reach miles of help.

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