Move Forward to Look Back in Time (Time Capsule Adult Version)

Move Forward to Look Back in Time (Time Capsule Adult Version)
Encase your memories in a time capsule to take a peek at the past.

Have your time capsule. Stuff it with the most important highlights and bits of your life-a memorabilia. Keeping something as precious as this for years is not only for kids and teenagers but also for adults. What’s more important is that this customized time capsule allows you to release emotions and express how you feel today. Whether you’re anxious, happy, or empty, you can write these down to be an inspiration to your future self.

We’ve included some tips and guides on how to start in this planner. You can also check out our other articles like The COVID-19 One-Stop-Shop Book for You! and A Heartwarming Motivation Behind The Quarantine Projects. These would help you in your journey, which you can also infuse inside your capsule. If you’re wondering about this stereotypical time capsule enclosed in a jar, that’s not all of it! You can do it now if you want to! It’s simple. All you need to do is grab your pen and paper.

We prepared some questions which will guide you in creating your time capsule. This guide can be your starting ground on this journey. Are you ready? Let’s start a thoughtful adventure.

You can be creative! Be free to paste pictures or drawings along with your answers.

Take a look within yourself. During this challenging time, what feeling or feelings have you usually encountered? Why do you think this happens? Do these feelings show in the morning or at night?

Every choice you make today affects your future. What is the most recent decision you’ve made for yourself, and what are its consequences? Share the lesson that you have learned during this adversity.

As you hope for a brighter tomorrow, what are the three things that excite you when this is over? You may align these questions with your existing goals. For example, your goal is to be fit and active; you can say that you are most excited to run in a park after this pandemic.

Your community. Your neighbors, who keep an eye on you if something happens, play a massive role in your lockdown life. They are like your guardian angels-next-door.
What have you done for them? How can you show your gratitude? Who do you miss the most during this pandemic? And how will you reach out to them?

Remember that you are safe at home rather than thinking that you’re stuck.

What are the things that you do in your home? Did you develop a new hobby or interest? Did you create new goals and have it planned? What keeps you entertained while at home?

You may write down any movies or series that make you excited.

Never forget to meditate or reflect. Breathe. Inhale positivity, exhale negativity.

What are the things you’re grateful for? What has been the most significant change that happened to you and your routine?

List it all down, together with their benefits and risks.

Stay Positive. While we are still battling with the pandemic, remember to also look at the bright side.

What are your hopes for the future? Aside from that, how can you make your hope a reality? Share your action plan.

Lastly, write a letter to yourself.

Isn’t it easy and fun? After some time, you’re going to read what you wrote down. Be ready for that tear-jerking moment when you’re older. For now, keep moving forward to inspire your future self!

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