A Heartwarming Motivation Behind The Quarantine Projects

Up and rising COVID-19 planner platform to donate a portion of their profit for frontliners amidst the pandemic.

The Quarantine Projects plans to donate a portion of their profit earned from their COVID-19 planners. The income will be for the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) of frontliners. It started during the first wave of quarantine in the Philippines to help Filipinos cope with the new normal and promote self-development and productivity in the comfort of your homes.

Due to the growing need to channel out quarantine-related stress and negativities, and in hopes of reaching out to more people, The Quarantine Projects launched. Each planner contains a series of engaging activities and inspirational sections designed to keep you busy and goal-oriented at home. The planner reminds you of the basics of how the virus is transmitted and how you can help cut the chain of infection. It also encourages you to tap into your pandemic experience to be stronger and share your story with the next generation.  

Embodying the spirit of Bayanihan and unity, The Quarantine Projects provides an encouraging guide to living life to the fullest despite the COVID-19 crisis. We may feel forced to stay at home, but we shouldn’t let a virus hamper our productivity and stop us from helping our fellow Filipinos. With every purchase of a COVID-19 planner, you can help provide a Filipino frontliner a PPE, sparing their family and loved ones from the virus. But wait, there’s more! For every purchase of a COVID-19 planner, you’ll also receive a motivational deck card ready for printing as well as a specially designed line artwork, for free.

Start caring for yourself and others by buying this specialized planner that is good for your personal development and well-being. Pay for value. Order your COVID-19 planner now!

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