The Most Important Thing We Need Right Now-Kindness

Change the world with a free virtue taken from your heart, not your pockets. – The Quarantine Projects friendly guide.

Money can’t pay or buy kindness. It costs nothing to be patient while the retail and fast food workers assist you with your orders. It costs nothing to wait for the guards while they help you with your concerns. It costs nothing to smile at the people who open a door for you or to those who told you to bring your umbrella because the weather is gloomy. It costs nothing to smile back to the strangers who greeted you with a ‘Good morning.’ It costs nothing to wave goodbye to delivery people. It costs nothing to say ‘thank you’ when someone helped you. What’s costly is being rude. They say everything has a price, especially with disrespectful and unkind people. 

The pandemic is more than just a healthcare situation; it’s also an economic decline, an increase in unemployment, mental health crisis, and there’s a lot to this downhill slope. But these should not be an excuse to treat someone poorly. No action can merit an unkind behavior. Because everyone has some dilemma in life, the only thing you can do to not add to this burden is the act of kindness. The unprecedented times that we are facing right now should be an opportunity to spread kindness, not hate.  

We have written some guides for you to help you with the kindness journey. As mentioned earlier, being kind and friendly costs nothing. These guides are completely free and realizable. All you have to do is grab a pen and paper.

Are you ready? Let’s start our kindness adventure!

First things first, make a personal kindness statement. Write a description of how you will manifest kindness towards yourself and others.
It will serve as a guide to your daily decisions, big or small, and help you keep on track of your emotions. Moreover, this will allow you to reflect on how you treat yourself and the people around you. The personal kindness statement is short but achievable. You can either make it general or specific. 

Second, spread more love, vanish any hate. The virus is actively spreading right now and what we need is not hate but kindness. Kindness should be the only one spreading. Holding grudges to someone won’t do you any good. Remember, life is too short, and we are not sure of anything so live your life to the fullest, forgive, and be happy. Hating someone will never benefit you. It does not destruct the person you hate; it destroys you. 

Third, look for ways on how you can extend help to someone. There are many opportunities out there, whether offline or online, on how you can help. Donation drives, fundraising, and even a small act of click, like and share, can make an impact. For example, liking your friend’s new page or business is free, and it will make them happy. You do not need to type your debit or credit card to do so.

Moreover, there are also fundraising activities where you can transfer any amount of your choice to a cause organization. It’s better to give than to receive, and did you know that giving something makes you happy? It makes you glow and gives you a sense of fulfillment. 

You can create a kindness list too! List some of the kind acts that you have done for others. List some things that people did for you that made you happy. You can also write some specific events you will do for the day, week, month, or year.
Make an outline and cross them off every time you do them to increases your dopamine, known as the feel-good neurotransmitter. Our planner reflects this kindness list because kindness should be in the air, just like love.

Fourth, don’t be too hard on yourself—breathe in, breathe out. No one likes bad things; it’s the least of the things that we want to encounter. Some things are not in your control, and that’s okay; it should not exhaust you. Remember, you did not choose to experience an unpleasant scenario, but you always have a choice.

Will you respond with hate, or will you respond with understanding? These two choices can make you or break you. Choose wisely. Your future is in your hands.

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