How to be Happier with One Simple Step

Did you know that you can be happy by just giving? Find out the reasons why.

We often hear the wise words, “It is better to give than to receive.” And upon confronting this type of situation, we feel different things. Which of these emotions make you fulfilled? Is it when you receive something from someone, or is it by giving something to someone? It’s like a chicken and the egg trick question, and there is nothing wrong between the two. However, you get some great benefits by giving, sharing or being a blessing to someone.

First and foremost, giving makes you happy. Research shows that people who donate their resources or volunteer their time possess a high level of happiness. According to the 2002 survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey, 43 percent of people who donated blood two to three times a year are pleased compared to the 29 percent who did not. They tend to smile more, be approachable and are connected to a community. 

Second, giving makes your life longer. As mentioned earlier, people who share tend to be happier than those who do not. Happiness is more than just a word; it’s also about the happy cells - dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. According to a 2012 study published by Health Psychology, people who volunteer their time regularly live longer. However, volunteering shouldn’t be pursued plainly because of its benefits. Volunteering is a selfless act, and it requires a genuine heart and a pure soul to experience said benefits.

Third, giving makes us connected. When we give, people smile and give us some physical affection to show their gratitude, like hugging or kissing. These actions move us and make us feel connected. Thus, we become closer to each other. Aside from that, giving opens doors to meet new people and travel to new communities.

Fourth, giving is contagious. When you give to someone, that person also develops a call to give something to someone too. They know that receiving makes them happy so they want to share something too. A “pay it forward” idea is not a myth.

Fifth, giving is right for your mental health. Isolation is one of the contributing aspects to cycles of depression, and as mentioned earlier in the third benefit, giving builds relationships. Studies have shown that sharing your resources or volunteering your time helps combat self-hatred. 

Sixth, giving is purposeful. It can either give you a purpose or either become your purpose in life. For many, especially those who are in their 20s, finding purpose is not an easy task. It’s a challenging task that requires significant effort and numerous hours of thinking. They look for it anywhere they could, but giving makes it easy. You do not have to travel from one place to another to do this; you can start within the community that you are in.

Seventh, giving makes you a great listener. Givers are more focused on helping rather than focusing on what that person can do for them. They listen to people’s stories carefully and continuously look for ways on how to solve their problems. To further help people and show that you’re listening to them, it will be a great idea to give them a diary planner to write all of their feelings and emotions freely. By this, through a diary planner’s extension, you create a safe space for a person.

Eighth, giving gives you a different and better perspective in life. Givers look at their resources differently; instead of listing them as their assets, they look at it as opportunities to help someone in need. 

Ninth, giving stimulates contentment. Givers do not treat their assets as their safety net; they tend to feel secured with what they have rather than what they do not have. 

Tenth, giving makes the world a better place to live in. Whether you share a large or small amount of money, those donations will create an impact for someone in need of a community. 

Your purchase creates an impact and contributes to making this world a better place.

To create an impact, we are also giving back to the community. Our chosen communities are hospitals that have scarce supplies of personal protective equipment (PPEs) and children who do not have the resources to continue their distance learning. We believe that the inadequate supply of their PPEs should not burden our modern-day heroes as they continue to save everyone from the pandemic. This product’s proceeds will be used to buy PPEs for our medical professionals and provide gadgets and other school supplies for children.

Giving is not a one-way benefit, but a two way one. It makes you happy while making your life longer. It gives you a sense of belongingness while and you can inspire someone along the way. You can also combat self-hatred and provide yourself a purpose. Sharing makes you a great friend and a great listener while you get a new perspective on life. You can be content, and you can make this world a better place. More importantly, you can help someone and impact their experience for good. 

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