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Time Capsule - The Quarantine Projects

3 Easy Steps on How to Make a Time Capsule


Did you know that you can store your memories with just three simple steps and three simple materials?

Creating a time capsule is a perfect hobby to do during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a unique way to curate your experiences today and have something to look back on your life in the future. It’s a perfect opportunity to capture memories that you will cherish forever. It stores the past and makes your future exciting.

What is a Time Capsule? 

It’s a simple container that holds present-day items, letters, and other memorabilia worth keeping. It could be decorated with any art materials, depending on your choice. All you need to do is to fill it up, promise and commit not to open it until it is full, and store it in a safe place. In terms of hiding it, you can do it for months or even years. There are no minimum or maximum years for you to save it. You will decide about it. Moreover, it is also a perfect gift for your family and friends as this will give you all the warm feelings and draw you back to the past.

Doesn’t it sound fun? Let’s start!



Art materials (crayons, scissors, pens, beads, buttons or anything you want to use)

Bubble wrap or a shoebox


1. Pick a Container

Finding a container is the first step. You can pick any box you want, as long as it is a perfect size for you to fill up. It is also essential to select a durable box because you will have this for an extended period. 

2. Find a safe location where you will store it 

To ensure that your time capsule is safe, you may wrap a bubble wrap around it or keep it in a shoebox. You may use your closet, basement, storage cabinets, and garage as your locations. You need to hide it somewhere that is safe where others cannot find it easily.

3. Decorate Your Time Capsule

To spice up the container, you may add any designs. Buttons, stickers, or other fancy or straightforward design of your choice; this will make your time capsule personalized and more “you.” Let your time capsule mirror your personality through its system.

And voila! You already have a time capsule of your own. It only takes three easy steps and three materials to build it. Start creating your time capsule now, fill it with memories, store it, and open it in the future.

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