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Who am I? - The Quarantine Projects

Hi, I’m…Who Am I?


Awkward stutter no more when you introduce yourself!

What do you usually answer when a person asks you, “What do you do?” “How would you describe yourself?” and other personal striking questions? A straightforward yet challenging question that people from all walks of life encounter, from elementary to job interviews, to meeting new faces on social events. The item may seem easy and straightforward, yet it takes seconds or minutes for one to formulate an appropriate answer. We’re thinking and formalizing the words we will say inside our brains before we finally say it. Sounds familiar.

This article will guide you on staying calm when someone asked you this question, organizing your thoughts and words carefully and thoroughly, and introducing yourself with an impact finally. Meeting you should not end at that place. You have to stand out to be remembered. This article serves as a guide on how to introduce yourself on general and specific occasions. So if you’re ready, here are the principles for introducing yourself.

First things first, gather all the interesting facts about yourself. Use these guide questions to help you introduce yourself with interesting facts:

  • How does your childhood look like? Do you play with kids who have unique toys? Or hang out in a very unusual place with your friends? Think about any interesting, unique, and relevant events or situations you encountered when you were young.
  • Trace and know your roots. Do you have an ethnicity that is not common in that place or event you’re in? What is it, and why do you think it’s unique and fantastic? You can also consider some memorable characters you grew up with and funny stories.
  • What are you good at? Do you play any instrument? What kind of songs do you listen to? Do you dance? List all your talents and skills.
  • How would you describe the world from your perspective? Remember the neighborhood you grew up in and the places you visited. You can also share a travel tip that always works for you.
  • Literature and Entertainment. Share a book, movie, or song that significantly impacted your life or relates to a particular event in your life.
  • What do you for a living before and now? Share some career guides.

Secondly, once you completed the first step, it’s now time to curate it. Which of the events did you mention perfectly match the situation you’re in or the person you’re meeting with? If you’re meeting someone who’s an executive in a company, it would be best to introduce yourself using the last guide above. If you’re in an art expo, it would be best to present yourself using the third guide—different lists for different occasions.

Lastly, smile and be confident in introducing yourself. Confidence lets you speak concisely and transparently. Professionals who convey enthusiasm transmit their messages efficiently. Effective communication is critically important for career advancement. Remember not to sell yourself short, but share smartly and honestly. Now that you’re ready, you can be sure that you’re not just going to meet new people, but you will also know them, and you can add them to your new set of friends. Happy introducing!

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