Can’t get enough planners? Grab your 6 FREEBIE PLANNERS NOW!


Surely the more planners, the merrier! The Quarantine Projects is giving out 6 freebie planners of different categories that you can enjoy and binge on. 

Here’s What You’ll Get

This book serves as your companion on your mental health journey. The minute you begin making self-care a priority, you will soon notice the gradual improvements in your life. Hence, we crafted this planner that aims to promote wellness, set your self-care goals, organize your time to achieve them, and challenge you with the 30 day mental health challenges and more activities.

The Quarantine Projects crafted this planner to help you prioritize and organize the activities that mean the most, plan your days ahead, track your moods and it has coloring pages to let you de-stress and cool off. 

The Quarantine Projects have designed this planner for all the moms out there! We know how busy it can get when it comes to taking care of the family and maybe work,  balancing the both can be really exhausting. Our brain can get so worked up when we’re busy and they don’t function as they should. Hence we created this planner to help you with the mental overload. Overall the busy life, mommies should get a little me time too.

This galaxy-themed planner is the perfect time management tool for you, perfect for organizing your plans, life goals, and much more. Write down your goals or shall I say your “Wishes” and let’s make them come true.

Now why spoil all the fun? 

Get all the freebie planners including this mystery planner. 

All the freebie planner are downloadable

How to get them?

Don’t you just wanna get them all? Don’t we just love having a bunch of collections of planner and just binge on them all day? And the satisfying feeling when we check out a list? 

Buy the collection of 5 COVID-19 planners and you get your 6 FREEBIE PLANNERS that come with it as our expression of gratitude.

So what are you waiting for? Get your freebies with mystery surprises in them!

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