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Time Capsule for kids - The Quarantine Projects

Children and Their Tangible Memory, a Time Capsule (Time Capsule Kids Version)


Encase youthful memories to take a peek at the future.

There’s no doubt we are living during a challenging time brought by the pandemic, and it is also a period in our lives that we will all remember, may it be good or bad. Children will not remember every detail during this present time, but there is a possible way to preserve this memory. Documenting this particular time will make them remember the present in the future through a time capsule

Aside from preserving this time, you can also help them develop their creative thinking and skills. Moreover, creating a time capsule is a fun and engaging activity that will keep them entertained and excited. It also opens ways for you and the children to communicate powerfully. Here are some of the activities that you can include in the kids’ time capsule.

  • All About Me – let them introduce themselves, their hobbies and interests, their favorite thing, and their childhood dreams and aspirations.
  • My Family, My Friends – create a family tree and list down all their circle of friends. Also include the ways in how they keep connected with the community that they are in.
  • The calendar includes a calendar where they can list all the events and special occasions they are looking forward to during and after the pandemic. Where do they see themselves five years from now, ten years, or fifteen years from now? They can quickly write their dreams and aspirations. They can also include a drawing or a picture and paste it with what they’ve written.
  • What am I doing at home – provide a table where they can list down or draw their morning or night routine. You can also include a household chore schedule to keep them updated and teach them the household chores. Training them on how they can manage their time effectively and at such a young age will help them succeed.
  • Letter to the parents – let them create a message for their parents or guardians.
  • Letter to myself – provide a space where they can write down a letter to their future self. Someday the children will look back at this time capsule and read the message they’ve written to themselves. It will help them remember what it feels like during this historic time.

Creating a time capsule is not only a fun and fulfilling activity, but it’s also beneficial for the children’s development. According to Dr. Catherine Choong, a president of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians Paediatrics and Child Health Division, documenting their lives during this time and writing down all their feelings can be useful for the child. They have something tangible that will help them to look back on this period of their life.

Creating a time capsule is also not just for kids. Adults can create one too. If you want to be inspired, motivated and have fun, you can make one! Here’s a link to the Adult Time Capsule Version.

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