Venture capital fund to invest in technologies to advance health equity


Venture capital fund to invest in technologies to advance health equity
Jun 7, 2022

Boston-based venture capital firm Seae Ventures has launched a $107 million fund to invest in women and Black, Indigenous and other historically marginalized entrepreneurs who are developing health and financial technologies that benefit traditionally underrepresented populations. AHA is investing in the fund as part of its health equity investing strategy. 

“Hospitals and health systems have a vital role to play in building more equitable communities, but they can’t do it alone,” said AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack. “The American Hospital Association is excited to support partners like Seae Ventures that invest in health care technology companies and entrepreneurs who are too often left out of early financing. These investments will both tackle health inequity and create meaningful economic opportunity.” 

AHA also has invested in two other funds that finance historically marginalized entrepreneurs: Jumpstart Nova, which invests exclusively in Black-founded and -led startups focused on improving health care access and affordability; and SteelSky Ventures, a female-led venture capital firm focused on improving health outcomes for women.  

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