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Living in the New Normal Diary-Planner (Children's Edition) - The Quarantine Projects

Living in the New Normal Diary-Planner (Children’s Edition)


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Journaling is just as rewarding for children as it is for adults. Despite the lack of social interaction with their peers, it is a fun way to bond with your little ones while they continue learning and dreaming. Start training them in keeping their mental and emotional health in check while they are still young. Never allow any crisis to stunt the growth and dreams of your children!

Just because children are staying at home does not mean their dreams should also lay dormant. With this Children’s COVID Planner, you can help them navigate their days while staying indoors, encourage them to forge their ambitions, and discover their true potential! This planner has streamlined, science-backed, and appealing features that will help enable your child to:

  • Create their dream boards,
  • Build healthy habits,
  • Track their daily progress,
  • Schedule and organize easily.
  • Tap into their inner creativity,
  • Enjoy doodling and coloring,
  • Connect with their emotions as they write about their day and their experiences.
  • Perfect to always carry around with its A4 size
  • 177 pages

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