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Living in the New Normal Diary-Planner (Women’s Edition) - The Quarantine Projects

Living in the New Normal Diary-Planner (Women’s Edition)


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Get a hold of this Woman COVID Planner and experience a transition toward your higher self. Its planner templates prompt every goal-oriented woman into taking action for her well-being. Its artistic illustrations appeal to femininity while remaining anchored on taking care of your health and establishing healthy habits in light of the pandemic. It motivates women to look within themselves and direct their energy toward introspection and self-improvement. Reconnect with yourself, away from the pressures of work, society, and life in general. Be inspired by the uplifting words from phenomenal women around the world and in history!

Positivity is the theme of this planner. You can also expand your knowledge by outlining books, curating content, or following recipes and get a headstart into the habit of cooking. It allows you to reflect on your goals or jot down a few if you have none yet. To inspire you to take action, you can also plan and create systems with ease. This is the best tool to help you achieve your lifelong goals.

  • Undated Calendars where you can write your tasks, goals, and priorities. We want to help you be productive and efficient in planning while having fun! You can achieve and create more quality time and free time for happiness for yourself.
  • Notes section where you can write your thoughts just like a diary
  • Daily mood trackers to help keep your mental health at its best
  • Beautiful, stylish color patterns and contrasting hues make your writing and planning fun. You’ll get happier with the intricate flowy designs and colors perfect for you!
  • Sections to write your dreams, goals, resolutions, contacts, celebrations/anniversaries, and a lot of useful functionality!
  • Self-reflection pages to take a look back on how you handled your days and how to improve on the next ones.
  • Various prompts to keep you going during quarantine and learn more about yourself and others
  • Gratitude journal, food trackers, grocery, and recipe lists to make the perfect all in one tool for reminders and lists
  • Work-out plans you can do at home to keep your physical health in check
  • Perfect to always carry around with its A4 size
  • 163 pages


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