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Living in the New Normal Diary-Planner (Pregnancy Edition) - The Quarantine Projects

Living in the New Normal Diary-Planner (Pregnancy Edition)


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This planner has been created to help capture those special pregnancy moments. Make this precious planner a part of your day, keeping tabs on the progress and changes you notice are happening to your body and your baby. Documenting each step would remind you of how brave you are as a woman and how fulfilling the journey has been, make this a collection of your most priceless experience, a synopsis of your nine-month pregnancy journey. It is something your family and your growing child can look back on after some time.

Let your thoughts run free, and acknowledge your emotions. This Pregnancy Planner is a safe space for you to fill! The pregnancy planner consists of:

  • Guide you and be your companion throughout your pregnancy journey
  • Organize reminders and your future doctor appointments reminders 
  • List down your questions to your O.B.
  • Learn meaningful details such as things to expect during this period, how to deal with morning sickness, and the baby’s embryonic development through the three trimesters.
  • Display pictures of your doctor visits like the first trip to the O.B. 
  • Regulate your emotions and thoughts
  • Remind you of proper care and nutrition
  • Pages for you to add photos of your bump.
  • 254 pages
  • Perfect to always carry around with its A4 size

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