ultimate me time

The Ultimate Me Time

The Ultimate superheroes in the family is a mother. Mothers are known to be multitasking, having a lot of schedules, or even being the most stressful, busy, and attentive parent.


My Wishlist

My wish is that your wish comes true. May this pandemic be an opportunity to evaluate your goals or wishes and begin working on them. Believe in yourself, and I guarantee that your wishes will be granted in God’s perfect time.


Make a Wish

Make an activity for children that will enhance their learning at a very young age. Give them a routine that will train them to manage their time well and an activity that will improve their communication skill whether through written or verbal communication.


Connect and Reach Within

Connect with God and the natural world. Live your life with God at the center of it. As God will lead you to a life of peace and love. God is always present with us. Continue to believe in God, because he has far greater plans for you that you are unaware of. Another way to connect with God is through nature. Begin with your surroundings; create a sacred space for yourself.

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