Started as
Humanitarian Effort

To make a meaningful difference
in our community every day.

Our goal isn’t just to help our COVID-19 Frontliners, but to support everyone mentally while encouraging them to be productive. Let each of our experiences serve as an inspiration for the next generation.
Share your quarantine story and #CreateValueForOthers. 

How it Works

COVID-19 Diary Planner offers an authentic and responsive experience for a person, guiding them through the process of mental health awareness and self-rediscovery.

Planner 1


Feel and develop a deeper understanding of the COVID-19 crisis and how it affected your life. Face facts and start moving forward.

Pregnant Planner


Plan your days despite the pandemic. You are not stuck. You have a mission to create memories and set your goals.

Women Planner


Write the best and the worst parts of your pandemic journey, then let’s start making things better.

Planner 4


Your story matters. Let it serve as an inspiration for future generations. ​

Children Planner


Authentic emotions and self- engagement​

Standard Planner 2


At home and in the community​

Spiritual Planner 1


Well Being Action Project

About this Project

This project started as a humanitarian effort to help our brave frontliners. Partly accumulated funds through this planner’s net profit will be a donation for purchasing the personal protective equipment (PPE) that they need.

It is a fact that procuring personal protective equipment (PPE) for our brave and hardworking fellow Filipinos had been a challenge.

Budget constraints and unavailability of PPE’s were the primary constrictions. For every purchase of the COVID-19 planner, The Quarantine Projects will donate PPE’s to public hospitals, providing care to COVID-19 essential workers’ families by helping them be safe. If you want to help our advocacy, your effort is appreciated! If you don’t have your planner yet, you can grab your preferred planner at the SHOP.

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